A.S.A. (Anti Sugar Association) and its joint partner the CCIS, (Center for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies 501(c)3) hereby proudly announce the development of a joint venture under the name:
"A.S.A. + A.R.C.", (Anti Sugar Association and Alternative Research Center).

The Joint Project meets the U.S.A. and other applicable regulatory international standards and requirements, and is a joint venture managed under the umbrella of CCIS (Center for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies), for the growth development of A.S.A. + A.R.C.

The venture "A.S.A.+ A.R.C.", (Anti Sugar Association and Alternative Research Center) will continue to act as a worldwide concern with representations in most countries where sugar is highly consumed. 

The "A.S.A.+ A.R.C.", (Anti Sugar Association and Alternative Research Center) is dedicated to aiding those who suffer from Diabetes types I & II and to assuage the rising tide of Diabetes worldwide.

A.S.A.+ A.R.C., will provide information services and assistance to everyone seeking to obtain knowledge about the harm on health of high sugar consumption through a range of media platforms.

A.S.A.+ A.R.C., will continue in the fight against high sugar consumption, to prevent sugar related metabolic diseases and will continue the work in promoting and announcing and motivating the public towards healthier and better eating life styles.

A.S.A.+ A.R.C., will continue to advocate against the Food industry and the pharmaceutical industry for the unnecessary adding's of sugars / carbohydrates.

A.S.A.+ A.R.C., together with C-C-I-S, ( Center for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies) are devoted to joint venture in R&D for; alternative natural substances, replacing added sugar substances with healthier natural alternatives. To decrease the dangers for health of high and rapid carbohydrate consumption, including substances like fructose syrups or any form of sugars.

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